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Let’s be honest … as geeks, it would be a dream come true for our kids to develop an interest in any of the STEM subjects. Of course, there are a lot of distractions in the world so sometimes it seems like an uphill battle to get them interested in science. But, with the right toys, this is a little easier. Educational toys, chemistry sets, robotics kits, D.I.Y. projects, maker kits, coding, building, and so much more… it’s all out there. Are these toys actually fun? Yes! Are we making this up? No! We just happen to be super geeky about geeky toys!

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Geeks love dinosaurs. And I’m sure, if they were still around, dinosaurs would love geeks. Where does all this love come from? Perhaps we’re fascinated by their enormity or maybe their tragic demise. Whatever the reason kids remain devoted to these ferocious lizards and luckily there are amazing educational, collectible, and fun toys for all ages. Whether your kid is Team T-Rex or Team Velociraptor you can find anything you need!

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Space has always fascinated humans. As technology and scientific knowledge advances so does our understanding of the stars. Give your child the universe with astronomy gifts like binoculars, telescopes, and rockets. Encourage a sense of wonder and introduce STEM subjects in a fun and engaging way. The solar system is the perfect place to let your child’s imagination wander.

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Puzzles & Brainteasers

Everyone wants to be smarter, or at least less forgetful. There is no better way to enhance memory skills, boost brain power, or foster critical thinking than puzzles and brainteasers. We’ve put together a unique collection of some of the best puzzles and games of logic around that make great gifts for adults, kids, co-workers or for hard-to-shop for family members.

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