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What is a geek? Is it a person who’s socially inept? Is it a guy who lives in his parents’ basement, wears inch-thick glasses, and spends most of his time “hacking” computers? At Geek.Toys, we believe the term “geek” is more than the typical stereotype. It’s a badge of honor. Geeks are the ones who got us to the moon. They put the entire internet in our pockets. They give us summer blockbusters, whole virtual universes to explore, not to mention all the books, symphonies, artwork, and architecture we’ve ever enjoyed. Geeks make our world amazing!

But, geeks don’t just happen from nothing. Geeks come from kids endlessly pursuing their interests. And in order for them to do that, they need to be inspired. That’s where we come in. As parents, toy aficionados, educators, and most of all, geeks, we’re here to guide you toward the science kits, gadgets, D.I.Y. projects, and more that are sure to tap into your child’s unique interests and evoke a thrilling new sense of passion and excitement. We want to inspire the next generation of geeks!

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