Cool Bug Toys

By: Liz • September 18, 2018

Geeks are not known for being super outdoorsy, it’s true. However, classifying, codifying, and collecting are some of our favorite things to do. That’s why we’ve put together a list of cool bug toys! There are hundreds and thousands of creepy crawlies out there (ewww!). Inspire your child to dig up, observe, and examine some of the stars of the insect world. We’ve found unique toys that introduce the world of entomology and spark interest in the natural sciences. Together you can count the ways you love bugs after all!

Celestron Microscope Kit

Easily switch between 4x, 15x, and 30x magnification objective lenses while looking through a 10x to 20x zoom eyepiece for exploring objects magnified up to 600 times. Strong and easy to use - Its a brilliant introduction to microscopic exploration!

My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope

With two lens for optimal viewing, this kids microscope brings the worlds wonders into closer view. With dual lights, this amazing microscope has the flexibility to view both slides and solid items. View slides with the light shining up from below and view solid objects with the light shining down on the specimen. A fun and educational microscope for scientists of all ages.

GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope

Equip children with tools to expand their minds, creativity and love for learning! A microscope for preschoolers features two eyepieces, LED light, chunky knob and magnifies 8x! View bugs, toys and flowers up close!

Fact Finder Talking Microscope

Choose a slide, place it under the lens, and let the learning begin! Packed with loads of fun facts and quizzes, all narrated by Bindi Irwin, daughter of Steve Irwin, this microscope is a truly fun and powerful learning adventure.

Butterfly Garden

Watch caterpillars become butterflies right before your very eyes! With this special mesh habitat and detailed instructions, its easy and fun to care for your own metamorphosing butterflies.

Play Dirt Bugs in-a Jar

This unique molding compound feels just like real dirt except it doesnt get stuck under your nails, stain your skin, or ruin your clothes. Moldable yet soft and comforting to feel - Kids will feel like theyre really digging in the dirt - Bugs and all!

Primary Science ViewScope

Little ones discover a closeup view of the world! A simple microscope made for children, little ones love using a real science tool - magnifies 20x. Detach the viewer and head outside for on-the-go discovery.

1000 Facts About Insects

Throughout the vibrant, full-color pages of this book, kids will discover more fascinating, cool, wild, and wacky facts about all kinds of insects than they ever imagined could be possible. Its a thrilling experience young entomologists wont want to miss!

Butterfly Net

A true outdoor adventure isnt complete without your own butterfly net. Just screw the handle to the net hoop and youre all set to run through the meadow and catch as many butterflies as possible!