Toys that Make Learning Chemistry Fun!

By: Liz • September 21, 2018

Chemistry is an exciting science. When a child studies chemistry they get to observe chemical reactions and the best part is some of them are colorful and messy! A lot of chemistry experimentation can happen right at home. That’s why we’ve collected a list of toys that make learning chemistry fun. Your kitchen, bathroom, or backyard can become a lab where your child uses logic, creativity, and curiosity to create cool reactions. Propel your child’s STEM learning with brainy toys for all ages.

Edible Chemistry Kit

Fill your stomach and expand your mind with the incredible Edible Chemistry Kit! Create 16 tasty experiments you can eat and drink including funny fizzy drinks, color-changing foaming jelly, polymer pudding, and cabbages that do as theyre told!

Real Science - Real Fun

Following along with the simple and exciting instructions, young scientists get to explore 43 different experiments that each help to expand their minds while mesmerizing their imaginations. The fun never stops and neither does the learning!

Disgusting Science

Discover what creatures live on YOU! Collect bacteria from toes, nose, home or pets and watch what cultures grow! n

Pop Bottle Science

Make a volcano, quick-sand, barometer, thermometer, trombone, compass, walkie-talkie, lava lamp – Observe photosynthesis in action, simulate Jupiters giant red spot, investigate buoyancy, demonstrate inertia, discover the Bernoulli principle (Thats how planes fly!), plus so much more. Its the perfect miniature science lab!

Scientific Explorer Spa Science

Whip your bath into a frothy fizzing sea of color and fragrance. Make colorful, fragrant bath gels, bath fizzers, spa lotion, bath balm, a face mask, and shampoo. This kit turns your bathtub into a real science lab!

Big Bag of Science

Go crazy with science. Over 70 experiments expand your brain and ensures the excitement never ends. Make water disappear. Grow snow. How does sunscreen work? Why do we burp? Roll up your sleeves...