Top Toys to Teach Coding and Programming

By: Liz • September 20, 2018

Listen, this is a blog devoted to geeks so most likely your child started coding in the crib and programming in her playpen. We see you! But even the most advanced techies can learn something new so we assembled a list of the top toys to teach coding and programming. Little kids—and big ones—can get in on the fun. These toys encourage logic, critical-thinking, and an interest in circuitry and computer technology. With a little know-how your child could master the basics of robotics or DIY her own computer. When it comes to coding and programming, look for durable toys and kits with clear instructions and you may be surprised by what your child creates.

LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox

Build 5 multi-functional creations that you can program and control with your own tablet device! Build a moving, talking robot, a powerful 4-tool rover, an interactive pet cat, an electric guitar, and an automated assembly line that actually builds mini models!

littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit

Everything you need to build over ten astonishing inventions is included in this kit. No soldering, no confusion, just learning, exploring, discovering, and playing. Exploring the endless possibilities of circuitry is as easy as a magnetic snap!

Piper Computer Kit

Learn how to build computers and other electronic hardware gadgets through the FUN of a Minecraft-like video game! In order to get through the game, kids must build and connect hardware to the Raspberry Pi motherboard. Its a revolutionary way to learn!

Code Master

Stage by stage, its up to you to prove yourself as the true crystal-collecting master through the power of computer-programming logic. Use the action tokens to write your program - You have to guide your avatar to collect the crystals and make it to the portal!

littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Using the littleBits electronic circuitry blocks plus the free-to-download Droid Inventor app, you can teach your own R2 Unit loads of fun tricks and even send it on over 16 exciting missions. Then, get creative and design your own custom Droid!

Cubetto Coding Playset

Arrange the colorful coding blocks into the slots of the wooden coding board and then press the big blue button. Instantly, the cute and friendly Cubetto begins to move around the colorful map mat, precisely following the sequence you created!