Dinosaur Toys that Adults will Love Too!

By: Liz • September 20, 2018

Do you ever wonder if dinosaurs were supercharged, hot-blooded lizards or essentially cold-blooded giant creatures? The correct answer is … we still don’t know. As much as we’ve learned about dinosaurs over the years, there are still mysteries to solve. Probably one of the reasons dinosaurs have so completely captured our imaginations. That, and they look AMAZING! If you are a dinosaur geek we've dug up some dinosaur toys that adults will love too. These fun and educational toys are perfect for anyone who has a love for learning and a passion for paleontology. Dig for fossils, learn trivia, or experiment with dino sounds. You and your child can debate dinosaur theories while you play and learn together.

T-Rex & Triceratops

200 sturdy foam pieces and plastic connectors build into a T-Rex and Triceratops, Or... ANYTHING you can imagine! A ghoulish, claw-footed monster. A sharp-toothed slug with long, crawling arms. A two-legged dino dog - Anything!

Green Running Tyrannosaurus Rex

Get a running start on fast-moving play! Capture fun with the Green Running T-Rex! Articulated jaws can roar or munch. Green scaly skin looks mottled and realistic. A strong tail supports the dinosaur for standing. Over 12 inches in length!

Stegosaurus Table Lamp

Flip the switch on the wire and suddenly a brilliant warm light glows form the dinos core to create a cozy and soothing yet exciting nighttime atmosphere. Its an ideal accessory to any dino-enthusiasts desktop or bedside!

Break Open Real Geodes Starter Science Kit

Discover glimmering wonders thousands of years in the making! 4 geodes in learning kit are waiting to be busted open and enjoyed. Kids find rich fun in the discovery experience and 10 activity puzzles included.n

T-Rex LED Nightlight

Standing powerfully on a shelf or bedside table, this sharp-toothed T-Rex printed stunningly on a clear plate of high quality acrylic looks cool during the day and wonderfully mesmerizing at night. Turn bedtime into something kids can look forward to!