Top DIY Christmas Gifts for Kids and Tweens

By: Liz • September 20, 2018

We geeks are known for being overachievers. It’s our curse. If your child is into tinkering, hacking, or creating devices give them gifts that let them really experiment—go beyond the traditional limits. We’ve tracked down the top DIY Christmas gifts for kids and tweens. These toys and kits offer amazing lessons in engineering, biology, and physics. Let your child follow instructions and build an undersea world or throw the caution to the wind and invent something of his own. The world of DIY is about customization, creative play, and exploration so set your kid on the path to success with one of these super smart gifts.

Deluxe Eco Robotics

Engineer 14 moving, rolling, and swimming robots! The process educates and fascinates the mind! Create a dog-bot, crawling turtle-bot, wheel bot, boat bot, roly poly bot, zombie bot, and eight more solar robots. Includes 2 Levels - Basic and Advanced.

Flybrix Deluxe Make Your Own Drone Set

Complete with LEGO bricks, eight motors, a controller, propellers, detailed design plans, and a downloadable app that connects via Bluetooth, this highly versatile construction kit turns drone flying into an intense experience in creative engineering.

Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library

510 beads and sequins, 348 fuzzy sticks, 105 pom poms, 60 felt pieces, 30 wooden dowels, floss, 102 googly eyes, 40 sticker-back jewels... No matter what your imagination conjures, this kit has everything you need to make your crafting dreams come true!

Kid Made Modern Artistic Modern House Kit

Glue together the base, slide together the walls and floors, decorate all the surfaces using the pre-printed sticker paper, assemble all the furniture, creatively decorate any way you want... Kids feel like real life architects and interior designers!

Rock Tumbler - Pro Series

A long-lasting motor, automatic shutoff timer, leak-proof rubber barrel for quieter tumbling, speed control settings, and a huge size for tumbling more rocks at once - This is one powerful rock-polishing beast!

Make A Friend Bracelet Loom

Attach embroidery thread to each side of the loom. Start twisting and minutes later youll have a fresh, fabulous work of art - made by YOU! Tweens and teens show true personality as they express themselves with different colors and designs!

Cool Tool 4 in 1 Workshop

Using fully rearrangeable tool beds, a versatile head-stock, and all kinds of accessories, kids get to build this one-of-a-kind machine into four different woodworking tools that are each perfectly powerful and SAFE. Builds into a drill press, jigsaw, wood lathe, sander.