Electonic Toys and Gandgets that Dad will love too!

By: Liz • September 20, 2018

There are many kinds of dads in the world but one thing seems to unite them all—a love of electronics and gadgets. We’ve collected a list of electronic toys and gadgets that dads will love too. Geeky dads, dads who love to tinker, and dads that like to code will find something to love with these kits, games, and puzzles. If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to bring the family together, check out this list of durable, high-quality, and unique toys.

Deluxe Eco Robotics

Engineer 14 moving, rolling, and swimming robots! The process educates and fascinates the mind! Create a dog-bot, crawling turtle-bot, wheel bot, boat bot, roly poly bot, zombie bot, and eight more solar robots. Includes 2 Levels - Basic and Advanced.

LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox

Build 5 multi-functional creations that you can program and control with your own tablet device! Build a moving, talking robot, a powerful 4-tool rover, an interactive pet cat, an electric guitar, and an automated assembly line that actually builds mini models!

Snap It 3D Mechanics

Mechanics, electronics, and gears... Young engineers get to explore the principles of all three as they work their way through over 160 captivating circuitry experiments. Experience the thrills of creative technology while discovering a passion for learning!

Snap Circuits Light

Turn up the fun with your ipod® any MP3 player! Connect it to new Snap Circuits Lights. The results are AMAZING! Lights flash and change to the beat of your music. Change up the music or the circuitry, experimentation with technology is real and beautiful!

Flybrix Deluxe Make Your Own Drone Set

Complete with LEGO bricks, eight motors, a controller, propellers, detailed design plans, and a downloadable app that connects via Bluetooth, this highly versatile construction kit turns drone flying into an intense experience in creative engineering.

Lazer Pitch Baseball

Control the timing of each pitch with the innovative Lazer Pitch Baseball machine - customized for hitting success. Remote control bat, adjustable pitch height - step up your game, improve your timing, and become a baseball star!

Wheel Brightz

Light up the night on your bike! Brilliant colors beam from your bike after you lace the Wheel Brightz cord through the wheel spokes. Make your presence known at night for safe riding. Kids of all ages pedal off in spinning fun.

Tangle Sportz Matrix Airless Nightball Football

Go out for a pass! Lighting up the sky in a myriad of neon green and blue lights, this football streaks through space, leaving a vibrant impression. The better the spiral, the brighter the glow.

Tangle NightBall Basketball

Ignite your b-ballin action with the power of light! Give this unique basketball a bounce and watch - The super bright, motion-activated LEDs hidden inside suddenly fill the entire ball with stunning and colorful light!

Mega Morphibian Shark - 2.4 GHz

Land or sea, mountain or river, this ferocious shark knows no bounds. Drive it fast over any kind of terrain. Then, splash straight into the water! Step aside, great white. Theres a new top predator in town!

Piper Computer Kit

Learn how to build computers and other electronic hardware gadgets through the FUN of a Minecraft-like video game! In order to get through the game, kids must build and connect hardware to the Raspberry Pi motherboard. Its a revolutionary way to learn!

PowerUp 3.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

Turn any piece of paper into a smartphone-controlled flying machine! Follow the instructions to build one of two paper airplane designs, attach the smart module, and then start up the app on your smartphone - Youre all set to fly!