Top Stocking Stuffers for Science Lovers in 2018

By: Liz • September 20, 2018

If you did the math and applied physics, you would find that Santa has approximately 223 microseconds per household to deliver his gifts. That’s not much time. So it’s up to us parents to make sure stockings are stuffed. And if you are a geeky household you’ll love that we’ve calculated the top stocking stuffers for science lovers. We’ve gathered ideas for tiny treats that exercise a big muscle—the brain! These toys and puzzles push creativity, test dexterity, and get mental gears spinning.

4M Glow Stars

These adhesive glow-in-the-dark stars can decorate your room or your locker. Pick your favorite Greek constellations or your Zodiac to personalize your space with a soothing glow!

Solar Dancers

The sun is shining and your little flower or bee is dancing happily. A solar-powered panel brings this companion to life with fluttering leaves and swaying movement. Sunshine brings smiles, and dancing!

Roger von Oech's Ball of Whacks

Made up of thirty magnetic rhombi, hands of all sizes can take apart and rebuild this ball in endless ways to form amazing designs. Boost logic, creativity, focus, and more, all with the simple yet fascinating fun of this ball!

Zometool - Crazy Bubbles

Square bubbles, cubic bubbles, spiral bubbles, saddle-shaped bubbles, wormhole bubbles, parabolic bubbles - Discover a whole new world of bubble-making thats highly enlightening and tons of fun for the whole family.

Original TEDCO Gyroscope - Nostalgic Twin Pack

Two Original Tedco Gyroscopes. Wind the string, give it a pull, let your gravity-defying gyroscope go!

Brain Food

2009 Creative Child Toy Award. Ideal for networking your right & left brain. Brain Food is mesmerizing, dynamic nourishment for the mind. A Herculean dose of the coolest, smoothest, most pliable putty for mental focus and sensory expression. Knockout colors & capabilities.

World's Smallest Rubik's Cube

What has six colors and holds secrets of engineering, algebra, and geometry? What is small enough to fit in your pocket and difficult enough that many people give up without ever solving it? Why, its the Worlds Smallest Rubiks Cube, of course!

Hand Boiler

Experience science in the palm of your hand! Hold the bottom and watch as the liquid moves to the top and boils, all from the heat of your hand.

Celestron Kids 5x Mini-Scope

With its sixteen-millimeter objective view and five-times magnification, this small yet strong scope gives kids a brilliantly clear view of whatever they want from far away. Its a brilliant introduction to telescope viewing!