Unique Science Toys

By: Liz • September 20, 2018

Our world is built upon hundreds of years of scientific knowledge. Sometimes trying to understand all that science can be overwhelming. The best way to make sense of that confusion is through practical, hands-on learning. We’ve uncovered unique science toys that help do just that. These science toys and kits turn doing into understanding. And doing is way more fun than you’d ever imagine. From robotics to rocks and food to ant farms, toys are the best way to turn a naysayer into a science fan.

Chaos Machine

Embark on a thrilling journey into the world of chaos! Learn all about chaos, the chaos theory, and the butterfly effect. Then, get hands-on and build pendulums that move in complete, continuous chaos! Its totally CHAOTIC!

4-in-1 Catapult Kit

Following along with the detailed instructions and learning guide, kids will get to transform the included, bearing-equipped rods and connectors into three types of powerful catapults, plus a powerful battering ram. Become a medieval engineer!

Edible Chemistry Kit

Fill your stomach and expand your mind with the incredible Edible Chemistry Kit! Create 16 tasty experiments you can eat and drink including funny fizzy drinks, color-changing foaming jelly, polymer pudding, and cabbages that do as theyre told!

Break Open Real Geodes Starter Science Kit

Discover glimmering wonders thousands of years in the making! 4 geodes in learning kit are waiting to be busted open and enjoyed. Kids find rich fun in the discovery experience and 10 activity puzzles included.n

Deluxe Root Viewer

Have you ever wondered what a carrot looks like growing in the ground? Its wondrous to watch root systems develop - supporting the plant above, providing nutrients, and progressively filling the space inside your planter with an amazing network of roots.

Scientific Explorer Spa Science

Whip your bath into a frothy fizzing sea of color and fragrance. Make colorful, fragrant bath gels, bath fizzers, spa lotion, bath balm, a face mask, and shampoo. This kit turns your bathtub into a real science lab!

Snap Circuits Light

Turn up the fun with your ipod® any MP3 player! Connect it to new Snap Circuits Lights. The results are AMAZING! Lights flash and change to the beat of your music. Change up the music or the circuitry, experimentation with technology is real and beautiful!

Butterfly Garden

Watch caterpillars become butterflies right before your very eyes! With this special mesh habitat and detailed instructions, its easy and fun to care for your own metamorphosing butterflies.

Piper Computer Kit

Learn how to build computers and other electronic hardware gadgets through the FUN of a Minecraft-like video game! In order to get through the game, kids must build and connect hardware to the Raspberry Pi motherboard. Its a revolutionary way to learn!

eBird - RC Flying Bird

Da Vinci would be proud... This thing actually looks like a real bird when it flies! Just switch on the bird, switch on the controller, slide the power switch forward, and instantly the wings begin flapping fast. Give it a light toss and - WHOOSH! - It really takes off!